Congratulations to all the winners of the 2007 SF Climate Challenge!



Click here to see photos from the award ceremony at City Hall.



Yick Wo School - Greatest Absolute Savings and Best School Prize : $7,500

Over 2,000 lbs of CO2 saved by team members with positive energy savings.
Twenty-seven team members
Prize courtesy of Weather Underground and One Atmosphere.


Green Guys - Greatest Percentage Savings Prize : $5,000

37.4% average energy savings among top five competitors
Over 1,900 lbs of C02 saved.
Seven team members.
Prize courtesy of Project Frog.


Thomas Perez - Absolute Middle Prize : $5,000 home energy audit

10% energy savings represents average savings by qualifying participants.
Prize courtesy of Sustainable Spaces.


Whimbrels - First Runner-up prize : Five Six month memberships to SF Bay Club

Second place in both absolute savings and percentage savings.
1,147 lbs of CO2 saved.
Five team members.
Prize courtesy of San Francisco Bay Club.


Presidio Middle School - Greatest Participation Prize : $250 in Green Office supplies

Over 350 lbs of C02 saved and 8% average savings by top five team members.
Thirty eight team members participated.
Prize courtesy of Waldecks.


Saint Francis Square Apartments -- Special Achievement Prize : $250 Green Shopping Spree

Over 4% energy savings by an apartment complex with 300 households
Prize courtesy of Home Depot.


Peter and Rozelle Overmire -Sustainable Savings Prize - dinner for two at Neptunes Palace & Pier 39 Funpack

Installed solar panels on home
Prize courtesy of Pier 39.


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